Multi Units Apartments

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Apartment design in cities requires greater sensitivity to urban design principles when designing for higher density living making use of good public spaces for people, easy connection and ease of use. Our designs will maximize sunlight and orientation of the site. 

Architecture to be about designing spaces to enliven and inspire its users.  From planning to the final layout, the design must have a clear purpose for people’s enjoyment and to provide good internal layouts and circulation. 

BJA had designed many Apartment Buildings and had worked on several large and smaller scaled projects. We have been involved with residential apartments projects in Newmarket, Avondale, Tauranga, Christchurch and other locations in Auckland and overseas.

Our designs aim to promote communal wellbeing with the use of well positioned courtyards and excellent public spaces that would encouraged enjoyment and interaction. We produce high quality interior designs for modern apartment fitout with all the state-of-the-arts modern appliances, security, building intelligence  system and latest modern conveniences.    


Multi Unit Apartments

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