Commercial Kitchen Design

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Commercial Kitchen Design


Michael Sin is a specialist commercial kitchen consultant for several large hotels and polytechnics around New Zealand. He has designed the commercial kitchen for the Pan Pacific Hotel (now the Rendezvous Hotel), the Regent Hotel (now the Stamford Plaza), the Rydges Hotel, the Aotea Centre, the Royal New Zealand Airforce in Blenheim, Auckland University of Technology School of Catering and Hospitality, Whangarei Polytechnic and Waikato Polytechnic.

He also designed the main Auckland Hospitals Kitchen using cook-chill technology during the major reconfiguration of Auckland Hospital which caters for a large customer base everyday.

He designed the cook chill lab, production kitchen, asian food kitchen, all electric induction cooking kitchen, bakeries, garde manger, chocolate kitchen and pizzerias.  He has also introduced the use of mobile cook chill regethermic carts which heats food and stores them while it delivers food to hospital wards.

He has visited large overseas cooking equipment manufacturing plants and assessed their equipment for use in potential large kitchen facilities projects.  He has an in depth knowledge of various types of commercial kitchen equipment and can make a good selection of the right equipment for a particular type of food production.  

Michael has designed test bakeries and food production premises following strict food hygiene requirements for food safety and has designed food packing plants that produces containers for the fast food packaging. 

Before he designed the kitchens for the AUT School of Catering, he travelled to Canberra’s new Polytechnic to observe the new School just completed there and brought back useful design ideas. He was engaged by Hilton Hotel Group to design the kitchens for a proposed Hilton Rarotonga Hotel.