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Church architecture requires a high level of design skills and the need to understand how a modern christian church serves the community. This involves the preparation of initial building concepts and designing a facility that would enhance church worship services and for musical presentation with good sidelines and excellent acoustics.

A church multi-purpose auditorium has very specific technical needs and our knowledge and understanding were gained through many years of experience in this field. Knowing where to best position the stage, fly tower, stage lighting, acoustical performance with all its technical specifications using specialized theatre equipment and use of computer programme enhancement are the special expertise we have.

BJA Architects had designed several churches in several centres with seating capacity ranging from 500  to  1000 seating capacity. Each auditorium is unique and has to be designed accordingly. The larger auditorium would required very detailed design of the special seating arrangements so the sight lines from the audience can be carefully considered from front to the rear rows.

There are special consideration for fire safety in large places of assembly and the design for fire escape is so critical.

Modern churches loved music and singing and the use of musical instruments and especially guitars. keyboards and drums. BJA has in depth knowledge to help design special internal audio and visual environment to promote a great sense of place for worship and for choirs and congregational singing

We are currently involved with a design of an new 500 seat church in the rural community. This church design is based on a totally self sustaining environment using solar voltaic cells to capture electrical energy from the sun, water collection and recycling, eco waste water management and having passive solar principles in the layout of the building in heat storage and redistribution. 

BJA has designed a church auditorium and complex in Suva, Fiji which is capable of seating 5000+ people. This is designed for the Fijian climate and will use active cross-ventilation principles to aid cooling and heat removal from  a crowd of over 5000 people in the audience. The design is based on an amphi-theatre seating arrangement to achieve the best sight lines. The project has been endorsed and supported by the local church leaders.


Church Architecture

Fijian 5000 seat Church